We have software for the medical sector for private and professional users. In addition, we offer you web-based services related to health.

The careXmed medical programs are currently being re-created. We will start with software in the area of health for private individuals. Later you will find programs for the professional area with us.


blood pressure

The careXmed Studio combines all other modules.

Planned release: September 2020

BlutdruckWith the software you can extensively manage your blood pressure values. Including warnings, trends and many other options.
The software contains the modules: cash book, contacts, mail, body weight (BMI), activity (sport), people



The software manages your medication. Any packs can be administered for each medication. Assignment to storage locations or users and much more.

Planned release: September 2020

With the module you manage all vaccinations. Receive reminders of refreshments and store extensive information.

Planned release: August 2020

Cloud services

We provide you with some web-based services here. These are currently completely free. Support the further development with a donation.

Diabetes travel certificate

Diabetics need a range of items and instruments when traveling. Print a travel certificate in the language of your choice, which explains how to carry the medication and instruments in the local language.

Diabetes emergency document
Diabetics can have a sugar shock and need first aid. Print out an emergency ID card with instructions for first aiders and contact details of the doctor and other people.