Private programs cxm-Studio

The cxm programs are FreeToUse. That means:
The programs are free of charge and can be used indefinitely. Updates are also free. This affects all basic functions of the respective software. For example, you can enter and manage all fields with the blood pressure software.
Every software has PayToUse functions. These functions are optional and are not required for entering the master data. These optional functions can be activated with a small amount and then provide you with additional services.

These options are available:

  • Multiple persons: In the basic version you can create as many data records as you want. These refer to the deposited person. With this option, you can create additional people and generate separate entries and evaluations for each person.
    Costs: € 2,49
  • Report, export, printout and graphical statistics: Generate extensive evaluations with the Report Generator. These evaluations can be exported and printed. Create graphical statistics that can be saved and printed.
    Costs: € 1,49
  • Mail delivery: The software allows information to be sent. For example, the current record can be sent to a specific person. Or the values of the past few weeks can be sent to the doctor collectively.
    Costs: € 1,99

Note: The activation of an option is always unique and applies to all modules. If you activate cxmPerson, this applies to blood pressure, vaccination and body weight [...]


The module collection cxm-Studio is chargeable. This contains the following modules:
Cash book, contacts, documents, activity, body weight, person, blood pressure, measurements, medication, vaccination, pain diary, doctor's visit
The following modules are activated: cxmPerson, cxmReport, cxmMail