Diabetes travel certificate

Diabetics take a number of items with them when traveling. Therefore, problems and questions can arise, especially when flying abroad. On this page you can print out a document which, in addition to your personal information, also contains information about the items brought along.

Editieren Sie hier Ihre persönlichen Angaben und drucken Sie dann das Dokument. Auf diese Weise haben Sie Ihre Angaben gut lesbar zu Papier gebracht. Drucken Sie das Dokument in der Sprache, in welcher Sie es benötigen. Wählen Sie dazu eine der verfügbaren Sprachen aus und drucken Sie das Dokument. Alle Angaben sind nun für Behörden und Flughafenpersonal der betroffenen Länder in der Landessprache lesbar. Benötigen Sie das Dokument in einer anderen Sprache, dann drucken Sie diese zusätzlich aus.

The following languages are included:
Chinese, Danish, German, English, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Thai, Turkish

Other languages are in the works. 

If you want to use this offer, fill in the fields visible below. For insulin, enter the name of the active ingredient or drug. The second insulin level is optional. Select the desired language and click on Show. Simply print out the window that appears.
Click here for one detailed instructions. 

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Terms of Use
- This document must be signed by a doctor. It is not an official aid and does not guarantee recognition.
- The translated texts were obtained with the help of digital translators. There is no guarantee that the translation is correct.

Privacy: The information given here is only for generating the printout and is neither saved nor received by us or third parties.

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