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Blood pressure

The module is included as independent software and in the cxm studio.
Find out here about the functions and possibilities of the software. On the wiki pages you will find extensive help for operation. There you will also find an FAQ page with the most common questions on all topics.
The basic version of the software is free! (FreeToUse)

With the module you can manage your blood pressure. The module has many special features.blood pressure

  • Various influences such as time of day, posture or measuring point can be recorded, selected and evaluated as specifications.
  • Complete data sets can be saved and loaded as templates.
  • The module evaluates the measured values according to their limit values and displays the result as a symbol.
  • The trend of the values is shown graphically.
  • Influences such as weight and medication used can be stored for each data record.
  • The table can be sorted and filtered. For this purpose, an evaluation is available with which you can evaluate the table in time periods and areas.
  • The values can be displayed in a graphical diagram. (PayModul)
  • If limits are exceeded, automatic mails can be sent to contacts. (in progress) (PayModule)
  • The measured values can be sent individually or in intervals to certain people by email. (in progress) (PayModule)

In addition to the blood pressure module, the program includes the following areas:

  • Person: Manage the people who use the software. Information on gender, chronic diseases and allergies can be stored.
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  • Body weight (BMI): Das Modul verwaltet Ihr Gewicht. Behalten Sie Kontrolle über Ihren BMI Wert.
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  • Activity (Sports): Manage your activity and health (in progress)
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  • Cashbook: In the cash book you can record all expenses in the health sector. Many modules can automatically transfer amounts to the cash book.
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  • Contact: Manage your contacts. People can be assigned to modules and mails can be sent from the system.
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  • Mail: Send automatic mails with information to the desired people.(in progress) (PayModule)
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  • User: Auf Wunsch kann das System auf ein Benutzersystem umgestellt werden. Dann ist eine Anmeldung mit Passwort erforderlich.(in progress) (PayModule)
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  • Report Generator: Der Report Generator erlaubt umfangreiche Auswertungen der Datenbank. Erzeugte Auswertungen können exportiert oder gedruckt werden.(PayModule)
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