In this module you store all persons who work with the software. Separate information is saved for each person. Information can be stored for each person. For example, the date of birth, allergies or information about the glasses passport. A photo can also be assigned to each entry.
Please note: Only one user is possible in the freeware version. If you activate additional users using PayOption, you have the option of storing as many users as you like.

Body weight (BMI)

Bady Mass Index

This module is included in all programs from cxm-Studio. Manage your weight. You can also use it to track children's growth.


After entering the height and weight, the software calculates the BMI value. The result is displayed as a number and its meaning. In addition, the BeBady Mass index interpretation is displayed as a small graphic. Modern digital scales have the option of showing not only weight, but also information on muscle mass, water content, fat content and bone mass. This information can also be saved in the module. You also have the option of storing the day range in addition to the date. In addition to the lowest and highest weight, the software also shows the average weight. The table can be sorted and filtered. A simple evaluation over time periods can be activated.
You can also start detailed evaluations using the Report Generator (PayOption). With the same PayOption you can activate graphical statistics.

SpecialsGraphic representation BMI

  • The units of measurement can be used either in the metric or in the Anglo-American measuring system.
  • If you have activated different users, each user accesses his information separately.
  • When login is activated, each user can only access their own information.